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EUR 1 = KRW 1,308
EUR 2 = KRW 2,616
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상품명 : City Sightseeing 비비디바비디부 캄팔라(Kampala) & 파리(Paris)
도시/지역 : 유럽 > 프랑스 > 파리
예약방식 : 실시간 예약
결제방식 : 전액결제 / 신용카드 / 핸드폰 / 무통장입금
이용가능일 : 365일 아무때나
요금 :
Adult 2EUR = KRW 2,616
Child 1EUR = KRW 1,308
Family 3EUR = KRW 3,924
Student 1EUR = KRW 1,308
Senior 1EUR = KRW 1,308
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● Your Tour Itinerary :
(투어포인트/ 버스정류장)

● Important Information :
    (중요 연락 정보)

Wheelchair accessible on all tour buses

● Contact Tel (현지 연락처) :  +1-323-580-6155
● Bus Service Information :
    (버스 운행 정보)

● Start Point <출발 장소> :  
Red Route Stop 1 - Chinese Theatre  (빨간색 루트 - 차이니즈 극장)
Yellow Route Stop 7 - Beverly Hills - 3rd St. (노란색 루트 - 비버리힐즈 / 3rd 스트리트)
Purple Route Stop 1 - Chinese Theatre (보라색 루트 - 차이니즈 극장)
Green Route Stop 71 – Fisherman’s Village (초록색 루트  - 피셔맨즈 빌리지)
Blue Route Stop 1 - Chinese Theatre (파란색 루트 - 차이니즈 극장)
Orange Route Stop 71 – Fisherman’s Village  (주황색 루트 - 피셔맨즈 빌리지)

All year round (연중무휴 운행)

**오스카 시상식(Oscars Ceremony)**
2월 28일 오스카 시상식 관계로 투어 미운행

Red Route:
First Tour : 09.00 (첫 투어 09:00)
Last Tour : 19.00 (마지막 투어 19:00)
Yellow Route:
First Tour : 10.00 (첫 투어10:00)
Last Tour : 19.40 (마지막 투어 19:40)
Purple Route:
First Tour : 09.30 (첫 투어 09:30)
Last Tour : 18.30 (마지막 투어 18:30)
Green Route:
First Tour : 09.30 (첫 투어 09:30)
Last Tour : 17.30 (마지막 투어 17:30)
Blue Route:
First Tour : 09.00 (첫 투어 09:00)
Last Tour : 17.30 (마지막 투어 17:30)
Orange Route:
First Tour : 09.30 (첫 투어 09:30)
Last Tour : 19.00 (마지막 투어 19:00)
● Commentary (투어 방송 안내)

<안내방송> 빨간색, 노란색, 보라색 & 초록색 루트 : 녹음방송 - 한국어, 영어, 스페인어, 포릍투갈어, 독일어, 프랑스어, 이탈리아어, 중국어, 일어
● Downloads :
Tour Map
Tour Leaflet

Things to do in Los Angeles – the home of the stars - with City Sightseeing

Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state of California and the western United States. It is a world centre of entertainment, international trade, education, media, fashion, science, technology, and culture. Los Angeles is famous for being home to Hollywood’s legendary movie industry. Visit the sights celebrated for their connection with filming locations and the stars themselves. Explore the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, and see the sights of Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Things to do in the City of Angels

Take advantage of City Sightseeing’s Hop On Hop Off tour and discover this beautiful and vast metropolis at your leisure. Let our four main tour loops lead you to the world-renown Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Boardwalk, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and many more illustrious attractions. The city has so much to offer; whether you’re looking to be entertained, seeking somewhere to dine and relax or you simply want to purchase mementos and absorb the sights.

Make the most of your time with plenty of things to do in Los Angeles, with City Sightseeing

This diverse city is merited for its great sense of freedom, accessibility and dynamic qualities. There is something for everyone here. There are two types of ticket which can be used on all four loops which enable you to hop on and off the bus at any of our 70 stops! From the top of one of our red Double-Decker buses you won’t miss a thing. There are frequent departures, which means that you won’t be waiting at the stop for long. You’ll soon discover that there are plenty of things to do and see in Los Angeles.

HollywoodUniversal Studios HollywoodWalt Disney Concert Hall
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C2 : Paris
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